New Versus Old

Like we’ve said, things have changed. That’s undeniable. Financial resources are not as available for road and other transportation projects. Change requires innovation. Innovation is at the core of the TSG-I business model. Here is a snapshot of the old model and the new model.

Old model:
1. The collection of fuel tax.
2. Once taxes are collected and distributed projects are ranked for importance.
3. Funds are set aside for the construction of the project.
4. Final plans are completed and prepared for letting. (this could include ROW, final environmental, etc)
5. Competitive letting of the project.
6. Award and then Construction.
7. NO DEBT because tax dollars were collected in advance.

New model adjustments:
1. Identify projects that have economic driver strengths.
a. Local community driven.
b. Developers with a desire to have the project developed.
c. TSG-I / TxDOT identifies a project which meets the model citeria.
2. Valuation and feasibility on revenue streams available to provide a ROI.
3. Once value is identified a list of possible stakeholders are created.
4. Work with stakeholders for financial commitments.
5. Complete the planning process including environmental for delivery.
6. Determine which entity will take lead in ownership.
7. Provide plan for delivery with TxDOT.
8. Develop funding sources.
9. Get contact documents in place to secure funding.
10. Deliver final plans or schematics for letting. (this is the same as always)
11. Competitive letting for construction.
12. Award and then construction.
13. Debt has been incurred and revenue streams for return are started.

Ask Yourself These Four Questions:
1. If there a prospective road project in my community that if built would attract new commercial development?

2. Has the reason this project never been built due to lack of funding?

3. Does my community want new growth? (not a stupid question – some communities do not).

4. Are there other local transportation projects that need funding in order to be completed?

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” please contact us immediately so we can get started!