US 87

US 87 extends from Sabine Pass to the Bolivar Peninsula in Southeast Texas. The road has been washed out by storms over the last 15 years. It is a fascinating endeavor in that it is a road and an environmental project. The road berm will act as protection for the sensitive wildlife preserve that has seen saltwater intrusion into freshwater wetlands.

Stakeholders are:

  • US Fish and Wildlife
  • General Land Office for the State of Texas
  • TxDOT
  • Jefferson County
  • Port Arthur – Sabine Pass Board
  • Chambers County
  • High Island
  • LNG, Valero, and other industrial plants needing the emergency access route.

The process has allowed us to build a package that will have:

  • Capital investment from the plants
  • Coastal mitigation funds from Jefferson County
  • TRZ created to allow a tax increment attachment to the ad valorem increase for both City and County taxing entities
  • The GLO rebuild the Dune Lines
  • US Fish and Wildlife convert the roadway into a park road that will have a user fee that will be committed to the debt service for project development
  • TxDOT remove the road of its system.

US 87 is slated to be apart of the Orange, Jefferson and Hardin County RMA that is being created by TSG-i.