New Visions

Things change. Many local and state governments have slashed budgets. The state fuels tax is not keeping pace with the state’s infrastructure needs. Yet the infrastructure needs of Texas continues to grow.

New challenges need new visions.

TSG-i Inc. a firm with over 100 years of combined experience with government, commercial development and road construction, has developed a unique approach to address the capital and infrastructure needs for transportation infrastructure. Our version of transportation design, build and financing is quickly garnering national attention – because it works.

Our Model

Economic modeling – Every transportation project is examined with recognized economic principles. While we recognize safety and traffic mitigation are essential elements of any transportation project, we focus on the road projects that pay for themselves. We look at revenue streams that will not only provide a quick debt service payback but also can provide additional revenue to the community for years, including those transportation projects that don’t pay for themselves.

Financing – We provide a private / public financing approach using value capture and economic development models. We identify new revenue streams to pay the debt service, but also provide for ongoing capital that provides a positive benefit to the local community.

Quality – Our construction, project management and engineer partners are internationally known and respected.

Local Contractors – No economic model would be complete unless quality local contractors are utilized.