Helping Cities, Counties, Shale Oil Counties, Regional Mobility Authorities, Toll Authorities, Port Authorities, Engineering firms, Construction companies to:

Design, Build and Finance Transportation Infrastructure – Using new tools to build your essential transportation project sooner rather than later.

The Texas Legislature has given local communities and construction industry interests new tools to finance and build highways and other transportation projects. We know these tools very well – because we helped create them!

TSG-i utilizes a unique economic analysis model that identifies road projects that can pay for themselves while providing the economic engine to help grow the local community.

The TSG-i team analyzes each transportation project to identify sources of revenue (private / public) – maximizing the investment / reducing or eliminating the cost.

TSG-i assembles the delivery and management team best suited for the project: engineers, construction firms, project management, environmental assessment experts, government affairs, public relations, community involvement professionals and finance partners.